4 Ways to Ruin Your Life

How did I get here? It’s a question many of us ask, not knowing how life got this screwed up. I’m broke. My second marriage is failing. No one will hire me. Everyone says I’m arrogant.

The crazy thing is, no one ever plans for life to be this way, and yet, oftentimes, our situations are preventable.

The Bible offers clear wisdom on how to keep yourself from ruining your life. Yes, there will be trials. There will always be struggles. And everything won’t always go your way. In fact, the Bible is clear that things won’t always be easy. But there are some things that – if we avoid them – we can keep them from ruining our lives.

Join us for the sermon series, “4 Ways to Ruin Your Life,” beginning April 7, as we take a look at what the Bible says about relationships, reputation, money and humility.



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