A King

Many things come to mind when we think about Christmas and the season that surrounds it. But here’s a word we don’t often associate with the holiday season: royalty. Christmas is really about a kingdom, a throne, position, adoration. Ultimately, Christmas is about a King.

Here’s the thing: we may or may not realize it, but humanity was designed to be ruled. We were designed to be connected to a specific kingdom. Much of our lives is spent searching for the right kingdom, the correct throne and, fundamentally, the right king. Our hearts go through king after king, until we ultimately discover those kings do not work.

Our latest sermon series, “A King,” will help us rediscover or remember the one true King. Join us as we connect to Jesus and find out if He really is the King of our lives.


There It Is | Keith Minier (12.8.2013)

On Guard | Keith Minier (12.15.2013)

To | Keith Minier (12.22.2013)

The King of Hearts | Keith Minier (12.24.2013)



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