We're not the kind of people to look back as much as we are the kind to look forward, so you won't find our history or chronology here.

What you will find is a glimpse of who we are and what we believe.

First, we're not about tradition and timelines. We're about genuine relationships … with God, with each other, and with those who feel far from God.

Second, we're not perfect. (And we hope we never claim to be.) We’re just a bunch of average people who sometimes fall and fail, who struggle with ordinary troubles and extraordinary burdens, and who seek to know, follow, serve and love God and people. We believe in a personal relationship with the living God. And we embrace the life, death and resurrection of a real person named Jesus Christ.

Yep, we really believe this stuff and we try hard to live it out in everyday life. But we're not about arguments, religion, separation or condemnation. We’re about transformation, authenticity, love and truth. We’re about extending the grace we’ve been extended ourselves.

And we'd consider it a privilege to share the who, what and why of it with you.

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