Monday, June 1

Apostles' Creed Focus

"I believe in"

Reflection Verse

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. - 1 Peter 3:15


Anyone who can remember their first time on a plane likely had a similar experience.  You’re in your seat and the plane starts to rev up, move forward, and soon take off. You get nervous or at least a little envious. Then the thoughts look something like, “I’m nervous and I know planes can fly, but….” There’s a long history of planes flying successfully, and you understand they can do it, but now you are living it.

A relationship with God can be that way. You start your walk with Christ and get to a place where your faith is really put to the test. You may start to wonder, “is God really able to do anything?” or “is God really all He or people says He is?” You can wonder if your faith is rooted in something, or someone, who can be trusted.

1 Peter 3:15 encourages you to not only revere Christ as Lord, but also to be prepared to give an answer for the faith that you have. The truth is, the more you dig into the Bible, and even historical evidence, the more you understand that the claims of Christ and God hold up.

Whether you look at the case for the resurrection, the historical Jesus, or creation itself, you can trust that Christianity is not flimsy, but rather built on a solid foundation of historical evidence that can be trusted. This should give us confidence today and every day to continue to trust God and further delight in sharing the good news of the Gospel with those around us.

So today, take a moment to think about how you would give a reason for the hope you have while having confidence that all God is, and all God has said, can be trusted.


God help me trust you. I want to revere Christ as Lord each and every day, so help me truly believe in who you are and what you say. Whatever I face today, I want to face it knowing you are with me, for me, and that you love me. Help me see opportunities to share the reason for why you have given me the hope that I have. Amen.

Family Focus

Take this devotional a step further and share it with the children or students that you are intentionally discipling each week.

It can be difficult for young kids to grasp the abstract concepts of faith and salvation.

  • Use examples and analogies of concrete things that can help them grasp these difficult topics.
  • Talk together about things we believe in that we can’t see, such as the wind, gravity, emotions, etc.


  1. How do these (the wind, gravity, emotions, etc) relate to or help explain the way we believe in God?
  2. What do you believe about God that you can share with others like Paul told us to do in 1 Peter 3:15?