Animal Planet

At Grace Fellowship, we believe the entire Bible is real – including stories about a man being swallowed by a whale, a talking donkey, or a guy living through a night in a lion’s den.

Whether you’ve heard these stories since you were a child or have never heard of them, we encourage you to join us July 8 - August 5 for Animal Planet. We’ll take a look at stories in the Bible that have an animal as a central character and talk about how the lessons learned then apply to us today.



Vocation: Lion Tamer - Drew Waggoner (7-8-2012)

Can You Hear Me Now? - Keith Minier (7-15-2012)

A Rescue Plan - Keith Minier (7-22-2012)

Elijah and the Raven - Nate Harrison (7-29-2012)

Because I Said So - Keith Minier (8-5-2012)