Donations to our Local Impact Partners and to other community organizations are at a yearly low during the summer! So, we want to support them in their time of need! Here are all of the ways you can get involved!


Amazon Wishlist for Lower Lights

Lower Lights is a Christian organization that provides supportive housing and mentoring for adults and children in the Franklinton area. To support their ministry, we have put together an Amazon wishlist of items they currently need: Amazon WishList.

BONUS!!! Be sure to use and set up Grace Fellowship as your charity to receive .5% of each purchase! We will be donating proceeds in the month of July to Lower Lights!

*To establish Grace Fellowship as your designated charity, search "Grace Fellowship Pickerington."

Diaper and Wipe Drive for Pregnancy Decision Health Center (PDHC)

PDHC supports women through unexpected and challenging pregnancies by providing free pregnancy tests, services and resources! Some of their greatest needed items right now are diapers and wipes! Please purchase any size diapers or wipes and drop them off in the lobby of your campus during the whole month of July!

School Supply Drive for Bright Light Kids

Bright Light Kids is a program of Lower Lights that promotes positive youth development through personal and educational enrichment services. The highly relational program encourages youth to address barriers and achieve personal goals. The Upper Arlington campus wants to support this ministry by doing a school supply drive! Please purchase the following items and drop them off in the lobby during the whole month of July!

  1. Folders 
  2. Notebooks (single subject and composition) 
  3. Loose leaf notebook paper
  4. 3 ring binders 
  5. Mechanical pencils 
  6. Smaller notebooks 
  7. Planners/calendars (about 6 for the older kids) 
  8. Crayons

Pen Purge

We all love our Grace Fellowship pens, right? We love them so much that we take one home every week. Then we find them in our car, house, purse, junk drawer… They’re everywhere! During the month of July, bring back your Grace Fellowship pens and drop them in the box in the lobby! For every pen we get back, we’ll donate ten cents to one of our Local Impact Partners!