Church Transmitted Diseases

The church should be a place of life. But often, the longer we are part of church life, the more we seem to slowly die. We can become infected with various spiritual and emotional illnesses that we pick up in the church, sometimes without our knowledge. Before we know it, these diseases begin to eat away at the life that should be abundant. These afflictions can be silent killers in churches today.

Join us for our next sermon series, Church Transmitted Diseases, beginning Oct. 7, as we take a look at some of the common diseases affecting the church: Inward-Focusia, Superioritis and Too-Closearia. We’ll examine the common symptoms and long-term damages of these diseases and discuss the best prescription for each one.



Inwardfocusia - Keith Minier (10-7-2012)

Superioritis - Keith Minier (10-14-2012)

Tooclosearia - Keith Minier (10-21-2012)