There are many ways for you to help shape The Commons with service and/or leadership opportunities.
Check out the teams below and find your fit and click the Volunteer button to sign up to serve!


We make sure that people feel welcomed and engaged with The Commons. This ranges all the way from making coffee to greeting at the door! If you’re interested in making The Commons an inviting experience, check out our team!



There’s a lot of messages that we receive daily. Our communications team makes sure that The Commons stands out on our social media feed and creates media that engages people to connect with us on Tuesday nights. If you have a passion for design, social media or creative video, check out our team!



The discipleship team is pivotal to the success of The Commons. We hope to engage young adults and move them on the path of meeting Jesus, following Jesus and sharing Jesus. This discipleship may not be as structured as “Sunday church,” but is still every bit as intentional and purposeful. 



The Commons does not want to exist in a bubble. As young adults, we want to engage communities and groups of people in a gospel-centered way. If you have any ideas or suggestions for outreach events with The Commons or want to lead people to do the work of Jesus locally and globally, check out our team! 



God delights in being worshipped through song. Our worship team is a collaborative and open environment where we can express our love and praise of God’s work in our life. Whether you play an instrument and want to get involved with the band or have ideas for set lists or worship style, we’d love to have you try out our team!



Lights, and cameras and yes, there's a lot of action. Our production team works closely with our Logistics team to ensure that our worship experience is well equipped with lights, slides and audio; our speakers are equipped with teaching slides and microphones; and our week to week fellowship time is serviced in whatever way necessary. If you love behind the scenes work, check out our team!



Everything at The Commons has to be planned and executed excellently. Our logistics team ensures that rooms are set up, our Tuesday nights run smoothly, and works so that no one has to think about the little details that go into making The Commons. 



The communicators from stage are an incredibly important part of The Commons. We take teaching the Word of God seriously, and want people who can engage young adults with series and topics that meet them where they’re at.