If you Google “What does it mean to be a Christian?” you’ll get about 120 million results. With numbers like that, it seems like even Christians themselves aren’t sure what the label means.

On top of the Christian label, there are different groups with weird names, like Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Missionary Alliance (what the heck is that all about?).

Then you have what seems like inconsistent guidelines, protocols and commandments. Some say they take the Bible literally; others say all they need is Jesus. Some Christians use four-letter words; some think swearing is bad. Some say tattoos are sinful; others get tattoos of Jesus. And questions like “Can my girlfriend move in?”, “Can I drink alcohol?” and “Why does God allow evil?” seemingly get different answers each time you ask.

The whole idea of Christianity, and what Christians really believe, can be confusing.

Join us at Grace Fellowship for “Confused,” a sermon series beginning January 6, as we try to clear up some of this confusion.



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