Short, tall. Fast, slow. Pretty, ugly. Contrasts are all around us. Sometimes they create discontent. Other times they can be inspirational. 

One of the beauties of the Christian life is seeing the contrast God can produce in people: stories of people moving from addiction to freedom, from hopelessness to optimism, from selfishness to selflessness. God wants to create a new story in your life. He is the master of taking brokenness and making it beautiful.

Join us for the sermon series “Contrast,” beginning Oct. 27. We’ll look at the power of a relationship with Jesus and the contrast of life without Him and with Him.



The Amazing Way - Keith Minier (10-27-2013)

The "In" Crowd - Keith Minier (11-10-2013)


The Amazing Way | Notes | Audio 
The "In" Crowd | Notes | Audio