Did You Know?

The Bible is easily the most influential, most-read book in human history. Lots of people have loved it, hated it, and put their own spin on it. It seems impossible that any surprises could be left in there.

But did you know the seven deadly sins aren’t mentioned in the Bible? Or that God actually tells us to judge people? Or that there is a book in the Bible that doesn’t mention God? 

Join us for the message series "Did You Know?," as we talk about some surprising truths about the Bible and Christianity.


Seven | Travis Smith (7.20.2014)

You are to Judge | Nate Harrison (7.27.2014)

Who, Me? | Keith Minier (8.3.2014)



Seven | Notes | Audio
You are to Judge | Notes | Audio
Who, Me? | Notes | Audio

ASL Interpreted Video

Seven | ASL Version
You are to Judge | ASL Version
Who, Me? | ASL Version