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*Space is only available for those attending the Upper Arlington Campus - all other campuses are FULL.

Imagine having free babysitting for a Valentine’s Date in February - a kid-free night with your partner?! *Gasp!* You two could talk to each other…uninterrupted!

From 6 to 11 pm on Friday, February 15, Date Night, will welcome children 3-months-old to children in 7th grade and provide FREE babysitting so parents can have a night out to reconnect! This very organized, safety-first, event will be well-planned, well-staffed, and have kids in mind at every facet. Following dinner, we will offer age-appropriate experiences for babies, toddlers, and preschool, elementary and middle school-aged children.

*Registration is only available for those attending the UPPER ARLINGTON CAMPUS - all other campuses are FULL.


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How much of a difference can a night out make for parents? More than you think. With work, school and just every day life, many suburban parents struggle to find time for themselves. Date Night gives these parents the gift of a night out right around Valentine’s Day.

Only by partnering with hundreds of volunteers, will we be able to provide free, quality childcare for these families and, in the process, strengthen countless marriages.

Date Night doesn’t just change the lives of those we serve, it changes the lives of those who volunteer as well. Meeting new people, encouraging children, hearing the stories of grateful parents and seeing God at work in our community will expand your understanding of who He is and the power of His church.

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