Do you have a killer marriage? Or is your marriage a killer?

Marriage…one of the most difficult but also rewarding relationships we experience. It’s a topic that hits all of us differently, but if we’re honest, at one season or another it can be really hard. Join us for our upcoming message series Marriage Killer/Killer Marriage where we’ll dive into the fun stuff, but also the challenging things of marriage.





Killer Marriage Resources

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  • Meaning of Marriage - by Tim Keller

  • Sacred Marriage - by Gary Thomas

  • Mingling of Souls - by Matt Chandler

  • 31 Creative Ways to Love and Encourage Him/Her - by Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke
  • Love and Respect - by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

  • Vertical Marriage - by Dave and Ann Wilson

  • The Heart of Remarriage - by Greg and Gary Smalley

  • One More Try: What to do when your marriage is falling apart - by Gary Chapman

Bible Studies

  • You and Me Forever - Francis & Lisa Chan

  • Marriage Built to Last - Chip Ingram

  • Marriage - Henry Cloud

  • Making Marriage Work - Les & Leslie Parrott

  • The Intimate Marriage - R.C. Sproul

  • 33 The Series - A Man and His Marriage - Authentic Manhood

A Weekend to Remember

Spend a weekend "away" with your spouse at A Weekend to Remember. During the getaway, you'll listen to engaging talks from marriage experts, have alone time with your spouse, and bring home powerful communication tools that are biblically based. (Learn more...)

While weekends are scheduled around the country, take a moment to check out options nearby:

  • Beechwood, OH - March 22-24
  • Dublin, OH - April 12-14

  • Indianapolis, IN - May 31 - June 2

  • Dayton, OH - October 25-27

  • Louisville, KY - November 1-3

*Planning to attend A Weekend to Remember? Be sure to use your campus-specific "Group Name" when registering:

Pickerington - gracefellowshippick
Upper Arlington - gracefellowshipua
Licking Heights - gracefellowshiplh
The Chapel - gracefellowshipchapel

Blogs on Marriage

Specific Resources by Topic

CONFLICT (Series of Articles)
A Biblical Guide to Resolving Conflict Series (by Focus on the Family) - Read more...

SEX (Book)
Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage (by Tim Alan Gardner) - Available on Amazon

Love Talk (by Les & Leslie Parrott) - Available on Amazon

The Importance of Friendship in Marriage (by the Christian group Marriage Today) - Watch on YouTube

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