Why Should My Family Participate in the Challenge?

The world is not a friendly place for families these days. If we’re not careful, we will easily go with the flow - toward less closeness, less meaning, and less community. Without a clear plan for our survival and growth, we are apt to become casualties of our hyperbusy, competitive culture that is pulling families apart faster than love and goodwill alone can hold them together.

But here’s the good news: amidst the pressures we all face each day, family dinners can become a small spot of calm and peace, a bulwark against the mighty swarm of outside forces trying to pull us apart.

Most parents know how many good things can come from sitting down with their kids at the end of the day, yet family dinners are so difficult to pull off nowadays. It’s just too hard to organize a homemade meal, too overwhelming to figure out what to cook, too impossible to coordinate schedules, too frustrating to feed picky eaters.

Enter...The Family Dinner Challenge

That's where the Family Dinner Challenge comes in. It encourages families to gather around the dinner table - to eat, laugh, play, talk, connect, and ultimately to discover the beauty of the unhurried life.

The challenge won’t necessarily make it easy to come together for a meal after a jam-packed day, but it will make it fun. Our hope is that in the 40 days it takes to complete the challenge, the family dinner hour will morph from a chore to something they’re looking forward to. And who knows, maybe this 40-day dining journey will save some families from drifting apart as they make dinners and other meals the cornerstone of their family time together?