Many things promise to make life better, easier or more meaningful. The truth is, most do not deliver and many of those promises are actually quite silly when you think about them. 

But what if there were behaviors, habits and practices that actually made life better? What if something could be developed in you and through you that made sense for your life and the lives of those around you? What if there was a type of fruit in your life that you were proud of? Fruit that lasted.

At Grace, we believe that type of fruit is produced by God and not by our own efforts. This fruit shapes not only our actions and choices, but also our attitudes and character. 

Join us for our sermon series “Fruit,” as we look at Galatians 5 and discuss the difference between good and bad fruit. We’ll examine things that are worth pursuing – not the low-hanging, easy or popular stuff, but the stuff God has called His people to. 


Yikes: Bad Fruit | Keith Minier (2.9.2014)

The Person God Wants You to Be | Nate Harrison (2.16.2014)



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