We want to be known as a church that is radically generous with the resources that God has gifted us with, and that means caring for our community in a tangible way. Through Giving it Back, we have an opportunity to support our local community and share God’s love with others that might not know Him yet. Join us this holiday season as we come alongside our ministry partners to support those in our community who are in need:



Lancaster Fairfield Community Action Agency (LFCAA)

For $75 you can help provide Christmas for a child whose family is helped through Lancaster Fairfield Community Action Agency. Click here to give towards purchasing gifts for these Children.

Lower Lights 

Grace Fellowship wants to support the individuals that come to Lower Lights with nothing with which to start a new life. The poeple they serve are women coming out of prison, recovering addicts who have walked away from their old lives or families trying to establish new homes. Whenever they leave, Lower Lights wants them to consdier the home goods as their own and take those with them if they chose. Click here to shop the Amazon wishlist. 

Star House

Grace Fellowship works with Star House to help provide resources and development opportunities for the homeless youth of Columbus. These tents will help provide shelter and warmth to a youth this winter. Click here to shop the Amazon wishlist

Pregnancy Decision Health Center (PDHC)

Grace Fellowship wants to bless our Local Partner, Pregancy Decision Health Center this holiday season by hosting a virtual baby shower! PDHC is a nonprofit organization that provides support and resources to expecting women. Click here to shop the Amazon wishlist.

International Friendships (IFI)

Grace Fellowship loves to support International Friendships on the OSU campus as they support international students who are far from home. These items will be given to students that participate in an International Friendship Bible Study. Click here to shop the Amazon wishlist

Night to Shine

Grace Fellowship is excited for the opportunity and privilege to host the 2019 Night to Shine (sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation). Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love for people with special needs. The event (for those 14 and older) will be hosted by an estimated 700 churches around the world simultaneously on Friday, February 8, 2019. 

In order to make this event an amazing success, we need hundreds of volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities. From setup to teardown, there’s an opportunity for you! Learn more here.

Christmas Eve Offering 

Last year, Grace’s $70,000 Christmas Eve offering went to educate and support families struggling with drug addiction. This year, our full Christmas Eve offering will be given to impact our local and supported global communities. Locally, funds will go towards hurricane relief in North Carolina and Florida and fire relief in California. Globally, funds will be sent to our new partnership in Mexico as they build their church building. You can begin giving towards the Christmas Eve offering beginning December 19.