Grace at the Movies

Movies: we love their elements of escape, action and drama. We identify with the characters, feel their pain, and laugh with them. And sometimes we watch a movie and realize there’s a deeper connection to real life behind the story on the screen.

Join us at Grace this summer for the message series “Grace at the Movies.” From Footloose to Frozen, we’ll take a look at some movies we all know and pull out some deeper truths. 

We’ll see how God arranges characters, situations, and events in our own stories and then weaves them into something even better than a Hollywood ending.


Top Gun | Keith Minier (6.15.2014)

Frozen | Keith Minier (6.22.2014)

Armageddon | Nate Harrison (6.29.2014)

Footloose | Keith Minier (7.6.2014)

Ghostbusters | Travis Smith (7.13.2014



Top Gun | Notes | Audio
Frozen | Notes | Audio
Armageddon | Notes | Audio
ootloose | Notes | Audio
Ghostbusters | Notes | Audio

ASL Interpreted Video

Top Gun | ASL Version
Frozen | ASL Version
Armageddon | ASL Version
Footloose | ASL Version
Ghostbusters | ASL Version