He Said What?

People say some crazy things. Politicians, athletes, celebrities, your mom, your boss, and even your pastor. But even the craziest things these people say don’t compare to some things Jesus said.

He said some pretty crazy things, shocking things. Things like, “Hate your mother and father and follow me,” “You commit murder just by being angry,” “Love your enemies,” “If you follow me, it will be hard,” and “Pay your taxes.”

These statements weren’t said simply for shock value. And Jesus wasn’t misquoted. In these statements, He was making claims on our lives. Why would it shock us that these claims would be difficult and challenging for us to embrace? After all, the person saying them is God.

Join us for our latest sermon series, “He Said What?!” (June 30 - July 28) as we look at the crazy things Jesus said and how they really apply to our lives.



Check Please - Keith Minier (6-30-2013)

The Standard - Drew Waggoner (7-7-2013)

Same, Same - Keith Minier (7-14-2013)

Wonder Bread - Keith Minier (7-21-2013)

Death and Taxes - Keith Minier (7-28-2013)


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The Standard | Notes | Audio
Same, Same | Notes | Audio
Wonder Bread | Notes | Audio
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