Holy Week

The calendar turns to a certain time of year and your thoughts immediately follow. The leaves fall, the air crisps and you start to think of football season. During this season, the rain falls, the days get longer, birds begin to chirp. Springtime has arrived, and suddenly you’re thinking about summer vacation. With springtime also comes the Easter season.

As this season approaches, people seem to think about things bigger than this life or this world. In fact, in the Christian calendar, the week leading up to Easter is referred to as “Holy Week.” It is in this week that we commemorate, remember and celebrate some of the most significant events – if not the most significant event – in Christianity. We believe Holy Week is a chance to look at some life-changing events and begin to be transformed by them.

Join us March 24-31 for our next series, Holy Week, as we think through the final hours of Jesus’ life, his crucifixion and his resurrection.



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