How to Survive the Holidays

It's that time of year again: another present to buy, a trip to Grandma's, one more white elephant gift, hanging lights, burning cookies.

This sounds like many of us during the holidays. It seems like even the most cheerful people can find themselves feeling stressed in the middle of December.

Christians and non-Christians alike often find themselves saying, "There's too much to do during the holidays." At Grace Fellowship, we want to ask," What if we could see things differently?"

Join us for the sermon series, "How to Survive the Holidays," as we look at how to make the holidays a more cheerful and meaningful time."



Peek a Boo - Keith Minier (12-2-2012)

Breathing Room - Keith Minier (12-9-2012)

That Way - Keith Minier (12-16-2012)

This is A Big Deal - Keith Minier (12-24-2012)