High School Ministry (HSM) is committed to making sure every high school student feels cared for and known through our student groups and monthly Gatherings. In these settings, students will be connected to a community of friends and adult leaders who will help guide them in their walk with Jesus.

Weekend Services

Grace's weekend services are designed for high schoolers and adults and include messages that are engaging and biblically based. Students are encouraged to attend a weekend service at any of our campus locations.



Student Groups

In addition to attending a weekend service, all high school students are encouraged to participate in a Student Group. Throughout the school year, Groups meet on Sunday evenings at the Upper Arlington Campus from 7 to 9pm. To sign up for a group, click the button below.


Group Gatherings

Once a month, HSM students and leaders gather together for special group gatherings where we take time to intentionally have fun as a large group. At these gatherings students are also encouraged to bring their friends who might not be connected to a group or church.




Every January, HSM students from all Grace campuses gather together to attend Winter Retreat. The retreat allows students time to grow and learn about Jesus and be in community with other high school students.

*For the year of 2020-21, we will keep the ministry updated as to our plans regarding this trip.



Momentum Youth Conference helps students develop and deepen their passion and faith in Christ by training and equipping them to be bold followers of Jesus to intentionally share Him with others. HSM students from all Grace campuses join together to attend this amazing conference each year where they're challenged and encouraged in their faith journeys. The weekend includes large group worship and teachings as well as opportunities for small group and personal time. We're looking forward to attending the next Momentum Conference July 13-18, 2021. For more information about the conference, click the button below.


Questions? Contact Josh

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Resident, Upper Arlington Campus


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