Thanks for Joining us this summer!


ten weeks. ten people.

Ten amazing illustrations of identity, faith, and life change.

Woven into the fabric of His Word, God works life change in specific people to mark them as His own. These examples are never without doubt, contempt, or confusion, but they are always for His glory and for His people’s joy. As we study these ten examples of life change this Summer, we hope to open young adults’ eyes to the life change God is working in each of us and the deeper identity that we all share as people of the Kingdom.

We pray that this series will be engaging and exciting for our young adult community, and we also pray that through their example, many of us will find a deeper identity in the kingdom of God.


Week 9: The Older Brother

Week 8: Lydia

Week 7 Missions Q&A

Week 7: Thief on the Cross

Week 6: David

Week 5: Barnabas

Week 4: Thomas

Week 3 Pastor Q&A

Week 3: Jochebed

Week 1: Jesus