Fill the Gap - Pledge Opportunities

Click the button below that represents the pledge range you're committing to fulfill prior to the end of 2020. *Please note that, by clicking this button and completing the form, you are only pledging the selected amount. You will not be required to give that amount at this time. However, should you choose to go ahead and fulfill your pledge or give towards your pledge, you will need to follow the link in your confirmation message.



All pledges will need to be completed by the end of 2020.


We're building an orchard, not growing an oak tree.

Three years ago, we launched a three-year vision campaign call Let's Go. This campaign would afford Grace Fellowship not only the opportunity to reach more than 200,000 unchurched people for Christ just within our local communities, but also raise up the next generation of leaders to carry on the mission of the Gospel. Through Let's Go, we felt God calling us to invest in four main projects: