Licking Heights Groups

Grace Groups

Grace Groups are gatherings of people who desire to understand Jesus better and grow spiritually. They meet weekly, in someone’s home, to discuss the Bible and care for one another. They discuss various topics and will do so with respect, while challenging themselves to live more Jesus-centered lives. A Grace Group is not simply a social gathering a support group or a theology class. 

Grace Groups typically run from January through mid-May and from September through mid-December. People typically join a Grace Group in one of two ways. Either they are invited by someone or they attend a GroupLink event. 

Through GroupLink, we are trying to make the process of joining a Grace Group as simple and successful as possible! This 75-minute event takes place in The Main and is a time for you to meet and connect with other people, with the purpose of forming a new Grace Group or joining an existing Grace Group that is looking to add people. GroupLink events typically happen in September, January and April. 

Focused Groups

Focused Groups are gatherings of people who desire to gain understanding and clarity around the scriptures. They are short term Bible studies that meet at one of our campus locations. They are typically 6-8 weeks in length and are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Thursday and Sunday mornings and meet at the Pickerington campus. They will typically study a book from the Bible, a Biblical topic, or have a life application focus. Focus Groups typically start up in January, April, June and September. People join a Focused group by registering for the specific group that is desired.