Life Apps

Aren't there things you wish you would've known when you were 16? Don't you wonder if you'll get it together after college? If you're a parent one day, don't you want to get it right? Ever wonder if there's something more to retirement than a house in Florida and endless rounds of golf?

What if there were a shortcut to figuring out some of this stuff?

Join us for Life Apps, a four-week series applying God's truth to the issues, struggles and topics that impact us in different life stages.


Label Maker | Keith Minier (8.10.2014)

Ready, Set, Go | Keith Minier (8.17.2014)

Just Do It | Keith Minier (8.24.2014)

Is This It? | Keith Minier (8.31.2014)



@Home Guide

Label Maker | Notes | Audio
Ready, Set, Go | Notes | Audio
Just Do It | Notes | Audio
Is This It? | Notes | Audio

ASL Interpreted Video

Label Maker | ASL Version
Ready, Set Go | ASL Version
Just Do It | ASL Version
Is This It? | ASL Version