My Bad Church Experience

Have you ever had a bad church experience? Did it leave you disappointed in church? In God?

Or maybe you were hurt. Did someone’s behavior make you never want to come back to church?

Did a church experience make you feel like the people there were out of touch with the world? You’re not alone.

This sermon series will walk through how to respond to these bad church experiences. You may discover that your bad experience has kept you from knowing a good God.


I Am, Not You | Keith Minier (1.5.2014)

You're Talking About Me | Keith Minier (1.12.2014)

Anywhere But Here | Keith Minier (1.19.2014)

The Real Thing | Keith Minier (1.26.2014)

Lame | Keith Minier (2.2.2014)



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I Am, Not You | Notes | Audio
You Are Talking About Me | Notes | Audio
Anywhere But Here | Notes | Audio
The Real Thing | Notes | Audio
Lame | Notes | Audio