The Next Chapter

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been three years since we started planning, preparing and giving toward our new building. In that time, we launched a campaign called “The Next Chapter,” which has been synonymous with our new building. But it’s so much bigger than that.

The Next Chapter is really about us understanding the opportunity, responsibility and legacy we have as a church. We have been given an opportunity to do something substantial in our community and for the cause of Christ. We have a responsibility to talk about Jesus and minister to others. And we want to leave a legacy not just for this generation, but for generations to come and in communities that we will reach.

Our next sermon series, The Next Chapter, will look at how we can own our journey beyond just our building. We’ll talk about what the Next Chapter means to you, your family and to us corporately as a church. Join us as we take the next step in the Next Chapter of our journey as a church.



We Are Not Coming Down | Keith Minier (11.17.2013)

Not Us | Keith Minier (11-24-2013)


We Are Not Coming Down | Notes | Audio
Not Us | Notes | Audio