Nine to Five

Work, school, chores. Day-in, day-out. It seems like our lives are constantly consumed by these. In fact, we spend more time on these three things than we do anything else.

That begs the question: “What does God want me to do about this whole idea of work?”

Join us at Grace Fellowship for our latest sermon series, “Nine to Five,” as we explore questions like, “Is my work supposed to please God or not?,” “Am I supposed to talk about God at work?,” “Am I supposed to care about profit margin or who gets fired or who keeps their job?,” and “What about the reality that work and school are mundane and routine?”



Job Description - Keith Minier (8-18-2013)

Super Workers - Keith Minier (8-25-2013)

The Big Boss - Nate Harrison (9-1-2013)


Job Description | Notes | Audio
Super Workers | Notes | Audio
The Big Boss | Notes | Audio