The New Testament Challenge

January 29 - March 25


Are you up for the challenge?

Reading the Bible can be challenging, but it’s important to recall that the Creator of the Universe entered our world, changed lives, and inspired human authors to record His story. Reading the Bible each day provides wisdom and practical advice for daily life, but it’s also a light for our path, giving hope, encouragement, and guidance to help us along the way. Learning more about God draws us closer to Him, shaping who we are and how we live.

Beginning January 29, Grace Fellowship will embark on an 8-week New Testament Challenge, where we’ll read through the entire New Testament in a unique
way in just two months. Are you up for the challenge?


Immerse: The Reading Bible (Messiah) is a unique edition of the New Testament that is designed for readers. Immerse restores the Bible to its natural simplicity by removing chapters, verse numbers, and other historical additions. Letters look like letters, songs look like songs, and the original literary structures are evident. The accompanying reading plan breaks down daily readings into manageable segments.

RESOURCES - get the most out of the challenge

While the New Testament Challenge is just that - a challenge - we want to help you get the very most out of this experience. There are a variety of resources available that will:

  1. Help you to understand what you're reading.
  2. Provide context around what you're reading.
  3. Make it easy for you to join in community with others on the same journey.


  • DAILY READING PLAN: Be sure to locate the insert within your book that breaks down each day's reading and provides reflection questions to help you process the content.
  • WEEKLY VIDEOS: Check out weekly videos that breakdown and provide context around what you'll be reading that week.
  • DAILY PODCASTS: Subscribe and listen to daily podcasts.
  • GRACE APP: Download the Grace Fellowship app from the App Store and/or turn on your push notifications. Each week, Grace will share a breakdown of what you'll be reading that week, points of note, and reflection questions to help you process the content.
  • WEEKLY MESSAGE GUIDES: Subscribe to Grace Mail, where you'll receive weekly message guides that will offer you with important notes, context, and reflection questions surrounding the week's readings.
  • FAMILY GUIDE: We want the NT Challenge to be a family experience, not just an individual one. Check out the Family Guide for a variety of ways to involve your family in this exciting experience!

be intentional & commit

Be intentional. Determine to make reading a part of your daily schedule. It’s a challenge and it’s an opportunity to grow closer to God through understanding His Word. It won’t be easy but is anything of great value easy to attain?! 

Commit. Start and finish! Make a promise to yourself that you will see it through to the end. You may miss a day or two here and there but don’t let that stop you from pressing on to the end!

share your experience

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we also want to hear about your experience throughout the challenge. Please consider sharing your questions and stories with us at