Marriage. Everyone is affected by it, whether you’re single, dating, engaged, divorced, married or widowed.

There is much discussion these days about marriage: Who is allowed to get married? What should marriage be about? Why bother getting married, when marriage is so outdated?

We’d like to get back to the basics. Let’s consider who designed marriage, and what it was designed for. Let’s think through finding someone to marry and why it’s worth it to be married.

Join us for the sermon series “One,” Sept. 29 - Oct. 13, as we discuss how God created marriage to be something beautiful. Something where 1+1=1. 



Goal - Keith Minier (9-29-2013)

A Firm Foundation - Nate Harrison (10-6-2013)

Instinct - Keith Minier (10-13-2013)

How I Met Your Mother - Keith Minier (10-20-2013)


Goal (9/29) | Notes | Audio
A Firm Foundation (10/6) | Notes | Audio 
Instinct (10/13) | Notes | Audio 
HIMYM (10/20) | Notes | Audio