summer bible study group opportunities

Interested in joining one of the Summer Bible Study Groups?

Select the group and email the group leader for questions about specific locations and/or let them know you'll be there.

* Childcare Provided

Name Day
2 Timothy: A. Norris (women) Tuesday
2 Timothy: Phillips (coed) * Thursday
2 Timothy: Schlitt (women) Wednesday
2 Timothy: Walters (coed) Wednesday
2 Timothy: Clubb (coed) * Monday
2 Timothy: Rauch (women) Tuesday
2 Timothy: Mulligan (women) Saturday
2 Timothy: Ketcham (coed) Monday
2 Timothy: Holbrook (men) Thursday
2 Timothy: Shively (women) Wednesday
2 Timothy: Jeffers (coed) Sunday
2 Timothy: Schmidt (women) Tuesday
2 Timothy: Catoe (women) Wednesday
2 Timothy: Schmidt (men) Tuesday
2 Timothy: Hughes (women) Tuesday
2 Timothy: N. Rauch (women) Monday
2 Timothy: Arnholt (women) Tuesday
2 Timothy: Max (women) * Monday
2 Timothy: Rollins (women) Tuesday
2 Timothy: P. Norris (men) Monday

Authentic Manhood

Vol. 6 - A Man & Parenthood

Join us for a six-week Bible study that is designed to help men begin to think strategically about being a dad and prepare to launch sons and daughters into the world.

Group begins Wednesday, June 12, and will continue each week through July 19. Participants will meet from 6 to 7:30am at The Venue (Pickerington Campus).