Fall Focused Groups


Meets at The Chapel (575 Diley Rd, Pickerington)
$12 for study materials
Childcare is available for a one time fee.

WOMEN'S MINOR PROPHETS GROUPS (2 opportunities) - Wednesdays beginning September 11 at 7 pm OR Thursdays beginning September 12 at 9:30 am - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For many of us, these books of the Bible seem outdated or incomprehensible, and yet their message is relevant today! We wrestle with the same sins as the people of that day - practicing empty religion and misguided spirituality while ignoring the one true God, accumulating wealth while ignoring the needs of the poor, elevating self while tolerating hard-heartedness toward others. Despite their sin, God relentlessly pursued His chosen people sending special messengers, the prophets, to draw the people back. The Minor Prophets teach us about the greatness of God, His love, mercy, and justice. Their message encourages us to turn back to God, to trust His ways, and embrace the hope of restoration, renewal, and rest.

Contact us at groups@gracefellowship.cc if you have any questions.