Pray for our partners

Global Partners


Pray for continued health, growth, and unity in the local church and that this will result in greater community impact and a path for a very clear gospel message. Pray for the
staff—American (like our own Steph Taylor, pictured) and Haitian alike—for their health, effectiveness and growth.


Central African Republic

First, pray for all the warmongering and fighting to stop! Second, pray for a dynamic movement of God in His church in and through the persecution in this country. Pray for growth and protection of our Hand-in-Hand school, Sembegan, and its wonderful teacher, Suzanne (pictured). 


Pray for the development and effectiveness of Shelter of Hope, the outlying churches and pastors, and the next phases of a major school project and child sponsorship program. Pray for strength for Christians as they navigate sickness outbreaks, natural disasters, and, in certain parts of the country, physical persecution of their faith. 


 Pray for the foundation and launching of a new ministry aimed at reaching street kids on the corners and byways of Battambang. Our very own Beth McClouskey and Katie Snyder are preparing to be sent in partnership with Encompass World Partners to help begin this incredible ministry. 


First, pray that God would establish new local churches that would take root in a very difficult culture and spiritual climate. Second, pray for protection and empowerment of local believers amidst severe persecution.


Pray for Matt and Jen Daniels as they soon begin their journey to Japan and that they get established, learn the language, make friends, and adapt to the culture. Pray that God begins to use them as a tremendous light in a country that is one of the most unreached peoples in the world.

Our Domestic Partners

Urban Hope

Pray that Urban Hope would continue to grow as a local church in a struggling community in Philadelphia. Pray for strength as they love on people who are in despair and watch God make disciples who make disciples. Pray for the effectiveness of the training center as they receive teams from churches and send them out to serve, love, and be challenged to continue God's work when they go home. 

Design Outreach

Pray for more opportunities dig wells and put pumps where water is scarce all over the world. Pray that Design Outreach will be able to present clean water and living water to folks in need!