What is a Prayer Walk?

A prayer walk is when we take prayer to the streets of our communities as a group, lifting up our communities to God and seeking His will for how we should engage them.

As you prepare to walk...


Reflect on Joshua 6:2-5. In this text, we see that God commanded the Israelites to march around the city of Jericho, a city that God was about to deliver into the hands of the Israelites. Prior to the march, the Israelites praised God.

As we enter the land that God has called us to through Let’s Go, we too must praise the Lord together and pray for the communities around us.

Think through these helpful steps

  1. Plan your walk. Decide what group of people you will be walking with (family, Grace Group, neighbors, etc.).
  2. Plan your route. If you walk with a group, think about who will pray where. Focus on your communities, neighborhoods, and/or streets.
  3. Pray together as a group prior to setting out.
  4. Listen to the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers.
  5. Observe and pray. Look for things or people to pray for - children, people moving in, community activities, etc.
  6. Consider using prayer “aides.” Pray scripture, listen to the Holy Spirit, and focus on Jesus.
  7. Remember that we are called to pray humbly, yet boldly.

share your walk

This Prayer Walk is a unique opportunity for Grace Fellowship to join together in prayer over our communities in multiple locations. This is another opportunity for our church to recall that we are bigger than ourselves and our campuses. God has brought us “here.” Now it’s time to pray as we move towards our “there.”

Consider sharing your walk with Grace Fellowship via social media. Use #Letsgo, and tell us about your experience.



prayer walk guide

Part 1: Our Church

  • Help us share the Gospel and further promote Jesus in our communities.
  • Help us grow our Groups so more people can experience Jesus.
  • Pray that God would continue to raise up future leaders in our church.
  • Pray that our leadership would continue to rely on God and His direction.
  • Pray that people would demonstrate generosity and faithfulness in giving.
  • Pray for unity and positive attitudes.
  • Pray against sin, love for what is good, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for strong Jesus-centered marriages.
  • Pray that parents would promote the Gospel in their homes. 
  • Pray for protection against Satan and his demons.
  • Pray for your pastors and staff leaders, Grace Group leaders, Ministry leaders. 
  • Pray for the “five rocks” of the Let’s Go vision and how they will affect our communities. (The Chapel, Licking Heights Campus, Upper Arlington Expansion, Leadership Pipeline, and another Grace Fellowship Campus.)

Part 2: Our Community

  • Pray for people to come to Jesus in large numbers.
  • Pray for our local officials and leaders. (Mayors, City Council, etc.)
  • Pray for our local businesses to thrive and grow.
  • Pray that Jesus would be made more known in our local schools and universities.  
  • Pray that more discipleship opportunities will open up in our neighborhoods.
  • Pray against drug and alcohol addictions.
  • Pray for the overlooked, underserved, and underprivileged.
  • Pray for safety and health for all public servants.
  • Pray against the tremendous amount of violent acts caused by human beings.
  • Pray for strong marriages and family relationships for local police officers. (They have an 80% divorce rate).
  • Pray for support for troubled kids lacking loving parents and role models.
  • Pray for an attitude of unity and selflessness to permeate our community.  
  • Pray for growth in other churches seeking to advance the Gospel.

If you have more time (types of prayers)…

  • Prayers that welcome Jesus into our communities.
  • Prayers that ask God to spiritually protect our community.
  • Prayers for salvation.
  • Prayers for Jesus-centered lives.
  • Prayers for discipleship.
  • Prayers of peace and blessing.

Click here for a printable PDF