Rescuing the Lost

We’ve all seen it in the movies: a person is in distress, trouble is all around, the situation looks bleak, there is no escape. Then, out of nowhere, the hero shows up and thwarts the plans of the villain. The person is rescued, and that rescue is powerful.

The reality of humanity is that we are the person in distress. Trouble is all around. And although the situation looks bleak, there is a hero who is ready and able to rescue.

But the story doesn’t end there. Not only does the hero want to help each person in harm’s way, He wants the rescued to join Him on His next rescue mission.

Join us at Grace for our sermon series, “Rescuing the Lost” (Sept. 8-22), as we discuss the idea that people need to be rescued, that there is indeed a rescuer, and that people get to be a part of the adventure.



The Need - Keith Minier (9-8-2013)

Open It Already - Keith Minier (9-15-2013)

I Hope They'll Notice - Keith Minier (9-22-2013)


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Open It Already | Notes | Audio
I Hope They'll Notice | Notes | Audio