The Blacklist

People are curious about many topics. They want to know how to feel about them, what to do with them. They ask questions, but no one is answering. Especially not the church.

Sometimes it can feel like a bunch of church leaders got together and said, “Take these topics and put them on the blacklist. Take the information, put it all in a folder, and lock it up in the vault. Don’t discuss the material. It’s too real, too common. We don’t want to make people angry.”

What would happen if some of these topics were taken out of the vault? If the blacklist were revealed? If the conversations were started? Conversations about things like social media, alcohol, infertility, abortion, mental illness and depression. What if there was an attempt to connect the gospel to these specific pieces of people’s lives?

Join us for our next sermon series, as we take out the blacklist and have some long-overdue and much-needed conversations. We’ll discuss how Jesus is Lord of all of life, and how He speaks into real-life issues.


You Use It, So Use It | Keith Minier (2.23.2014)

To Drink or Not to Drink | Keith Minier (3.2.2014)

Losing My Mind | Keith Minier (3.9.2014)

My Baby | Keith Minier (3.16.2014)



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To Drink Or Not to Drink | Notes | Audio
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You Use It, So Use It | ASL Video
To Drink Or Not to Drink | ASL Video
Losing My Mind | ASL Video
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