The Blessed Life

The blessed life. We all want it, but what is it, exactly? The definition can seem like a moving target, and often it’s pretty personal. Is the blessed life nice cars, private jets, a great family, the right job, money, fame, power? Is it a combination of these things? What happens when we get the so-called blessed life and it doesn’t feel very blessed? 

Perhaps we are throwing around the word “blessed” in the wrong way.When you get down to it, the key to the blessed life is not simply receiving something, but giving something instead. And it seems like the issue of giving cannot be discussed without discussing money.

According to scripture, money is at the top of the contenders list to dethrone God. Scripture also tells us that God wants to be first in our hearts – more than that, He wants to rule our hearts completely. So, how do we put God first and still receive the blessed life?

Join us for this sermon series, as we talk about how a giving and generous spirit is at the center of the blessed life.


Not Mine | Keith Minier (3.24.2014)

First Things First | Keith Minier (3.30.2014)

But Why | Keith Minier (4.6.2014)



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