Our mission is to help people live Jesus-centered lives.

The Chapel

At Grace, we exist to help people meet, follow, and share Jesus. We currently carry out this mission with inviting, engaging, and active services at our three campuses in Pickerington, Licking Heights, and Upper Arlington. Seeing a need in the landscape of people searching for God, we want to forward Grace’s mission in a new and unique way, continuing our model to meet people where they are.

The Chapel is a key part of this mission. In fact, the very purpose of The Chapel is mission. There are many people in our local community who long for a transcendent church experience to inspire rest and reverence as they worship God. The Chapel is committed to reaching lost people with a church experience that connects the transcendence of God to His people.

The Chapel services are reflective, slow-paced, and contemplative, with Biblical teaching delivered by one of Grace's teaching pastors via our video technology. The style of service is a purpose-filled liturgy that seeks to encourage rest from the chaotic suburban lifestyle most of us live. Worship is reverent, but vibrant, in an intimate setting for all of those who are seeking God.

As with all of our campuses, Grace offers age-appropriate weekend opportunities for children and students ages six weeks through twelfth grade. Find out more about our Family Ministries!



Campus Pastor

Pastor Dan Case is the Chapel's campus pastor. Dan came to know Jesus as his savior when he was in High School. He felt the call to go into ministry and attended Cincinnati Christian University where he graduated in 2001. Dan has many years of ministry experience where he has worked with youth & worship ministry. Dan and his wife Keela have led the Chapel for two years. Dan can be reached here.







Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an opportunity for your group to create your own impact event! Find a need that you are collectively passionate about and pitch it to us. We will give 10 winning Grace Groups $1,000 to make it happen. Dream big!


  • Each Grace Group may propose ONE project.
  • The proposal does not have to benefit one of our current Local Impact Partners.
  • Your group’s project cannot be executed at a Grace Fellowship building.
  • We will need the name and address of the individual who is taking responsibility for the finances of the project. The check will be mailed to them.
  • Your group can’t do any fundraising in order to try and multiply the $1,000.


  1. Creativity
  2. The size of the impact on the community/people group
  3. Thorough preparation of the proposal/budget


  • Proposal submitted by OCTOBER 31
  • Winners announced on NOVEMBER 14
  • Items purchased/finance report submitted by DECEMBER 10
  • Projects completed by DECEMBER 31