What and Why?

by Park Lukich

Why are we called The Commons?

Why do we gather together?

What is important to us?

Who are we as a people?

Okay, that last one was a little up in the clouds, forgive me. Though it may sound like I’m writing a cologne commercial for a new fragrance called The Commons (in Macy’s 2018), I’m simply asking questions that if we’re honest, we don’t take the time to think about.

Like every incredibly impactful piece of communication, I’m going to start with a definition. 

This isn’t an academic paper, so Wikipedia works and defines the “commons” as “the cultural and natural resources accessible to allmembers of a society…held in common, not owned privately.”

Simply put, The Commons exists to leverage the resource of the gospel for everyone. 

We want to emphasize the transcendent story of the outpouring of God’s love onto His people. This means thinking bigger and deeper, because we serve a bigger and deeper God. This overarching story is not just for a select few, but for everyone.

That’s what The Commons is about: young adults passionately pursuing Christ in community. This does not mean young adults that we’re friends with, it does not mean only young adults that we know, it might not even mean young adults specifically at Grace Fellowship, but a diverse community of young adults united by one thing: Christ.

The Commons has done this in a lot of different ways throughout the years. There has been group discussion, teaching, fellowship, and even last year we launched worship through song into our gatherings. Though there are certainly changes to come, The Commons will always exist as a place where young adults pursue Christ.

There are three aspects of The Commons that are personally important to me, and I’d like to share them with you to see the what and the why of The Commons.


Praising God is one of the unique responsibilities of His creation. We exist to bring God glory and honor, and we believe that God gets more glory and honor when we enjoy this experience. The Commons hopes to be an open place where young adults can expressively and whole-heartedly engage God in a joyful way.

Enjoying this experience does not mean making it about us. WE are not the point of any worship experience, GOD is. He is so glorious and demands so much of our affections that in any setting, through any song and through any speaker, we should seek to give him praise.

We want to make praising the name of God as joyful of an experience as possible. This mindset goes into everything we do from the teaching, the set list to the different opportunities to engage communities for the gospel.



The Commons is all about perspective. The perspective of a young adult, 20-something is completely different than say, a 40-year-old married couple with kids. We think differently, we feel differently, and while that may not always be the case, it is right now.

That’s why The Commons wants to be unique space, specifically for young adults; a space that is set apart from any Sunday worship experience, because it gives us perspective on how to better fellowship and disciple each other as young adults.

We hope that this upcoming summer is a time where The Commons can engage communities in gospel-centered ways. This perspective would be a different perspective than we have had in the past, but necessary to keep our hearts grounded in people, as Christ’s heart and mission is grounded in people.



3 P’s? Clutch. This is the fun one. Possibility represents all the freedom that we have in The Commons. We’re always open to new ideas from YOU to better serve the young adult community of Central Ohio. We want YOU to help take The Commons where YOU think it should go.

We have on our website a list of ways that you can get involved with shaping the vision and future of The Commons, as well as a list of opportunities to serve this Summer. Each of the roles and teams helps The Commons to allow young adults to passionately pursue Christ in community.

The Commons is always evolving and because of that, we need a group of people who care about young adults and passionate for doing ministry in a multitude of ways. Check out our website for information on how to get involved!

This year, at The Commons, we’re doing something a little different. Actually, it’s something we’ve never really done before. 

As a Leadership Team, we thought it would be fun to experiment with a thematic series of teaching.

The Series? Kingdom People.

Ten Weeks. Ten People. Ten amazing illustrations of identity, faith, and life change.

Woven into the fabric of His Word, God works life change in specific people to mark them as His own. These examples are never without doubt, contempt, or confusion, but they are always for His glory and for His people’s joy. As we study these ten examples of life change, we hope to open young adults’ eyes to the life change God is working in each of us and the deeper identity that we all share as people of the Kingdom.

We hope that this series will be engaging and exciting for our young adult community, and we also hope that many of you will find some identity or purpose in getting involved with The Commons on one of our teams.