The Human Element

What does it mean to be human? Is it simply a heartbeat, a breath and skin cells? It is just living for the next big adventure? Is it only about relationships? Or maybe it’s about achieving some great purpose.

However you may answer the question, many people seem to think what they’re doing in life is not what they’re supposed to be doing. It seems like many of us are struggling to live out the human element.

Join us for the sermon series, “The Human Element,” (June 9-23) as we think about God’s design for humanity and we recapture what it means to be fully human.



Expose - Nate Harrison (6-9-2013)

Embrace - Nate Harrison (6-16-2013)

Enjoy - Nate Harrison (6-23-2013)


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Embrace | Notes | Audio
Enjoy | Notes | Audio