Making an Impact through Partnerships

Here at Grace, we believe we are better together, because God made the church a movement united by the gospel.

We Resource Winners

We made a strategic choice early on to partner with people and organizations already doing great work.

We use a rifle, not a shotgun

We want to truly partner with a few people and organizations for greater relational strength and a long-term impact. 

We strive for a diverse portfolio

Based on Jesus’ teaching in Luke 8, we want to “put a shovel in” every type of soil and scatter seed in diverse places and people groups. 



Raise up and send out

We're committed to helping those in our church that God is calling to be career missionaries.

We create experiences for change

Because our faith is not just an American or even suburban faith, we creating opportunities for people to be exposed to the world and other cultures. These come through both serving with our Local Partners and Global Partners.

We equip, connect and send

When someone identifies a God-given burden and ability to go to the nations as a career or full-term missionary, we are committed to helping them get there.