What If

The phrase "what if" has the power to stir many emotions. For some, it conjures up feeling of despair and regret. For others, "what if" creates ideas of destiny and rejuvenation.

It gets interesting when we attach the concept of “what if” to God. What if He really could do more than we ask or imagine?

Our newest sermon series, “What If...,” beginning Aug. 4, will address two significant “what if” thoughts: What if you really believed God could use you to change the world? And what if you really believed God cared about your pain?

Exploring and developing these two thoughts opens up incredible potential for God to work in our lives. Join us as we think about what happens when the God of heaven and earth meets our “what if” moments.



Yes, You  - Keith Minier (8-4-2013)

The Answer - Keith Minier (8-11-2013)


Yes, You | Notes | Audio
The Answer | Notes | Audio