Your Move

You got the job offer. The other team just scored and it’s your ball. Your boyfriend popped the question. The playground bully pushed you. You opened the mail to find divorce papers. 

Now it’s your move. You decide how to react. Do you accept? Run? Quit? Maybe you get nervous, or angry, or cry in joy. 

At Grace, we believe responding to something isn’t simply critical in a given situation or a moment in time. We believe the idea of “your move” is related to your eternity.

You’ve heard people say, “God loves you.” That He cares for you and has a plan for your life. But how can you know? And what happens if that’s true? 

Did God really make the move to prove He cares about you? If so, what happens next? 

Join us for the sermon series, “Your Move,” as we think about the move God made, what that move tells us, and how we can respond. 


A Big Ask | Keith Minier (4.13.2014)

Prove It | Keith Minier (4.20.2014)

Make A Move | Nate Harrison (4.27.2014)



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A Big Ask | Notes | Audio
Prove It | Notes | Audio
Make A Move | Notes | Audio

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A Big Ask | ASL Version
Prove It  | ASL Version
Make A Move  | ASL Version