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Six years ago, I set foot on foreign soil in a country I didn’t even know existed. It was uncomfortable and unfamiliar and so far away from home. But my God was moving, and there was nothing foreign about that.I thought my first trip to Cambodia was “love at first sight,” but over the last six years, God has been at work on my heart, and what I’ve grown to feel for this country is so much more than love – it is a burning fire fueled by Christ. A fire I simply cannot ignore. He has asked. He is faithful. He has never failed me. I owe Him nothing less than gracious obedience.Now I’ve been living in Cambodia for six months, learning the language and building relationships with the nationals.I am in the fourth level of language learning, and I work with a tutor twice a week to ensure fluent and natural conversation. I’ve just moved into a new home and am beginning to make it my own!I’d love your prayer and support in the following areas:

  • The COVID-19 virus has reached Cambodia bringing out some deep-seated fear within the country. Please pray this situation can be used to show people the hope found in Jesus.
  • Please continue to pray for my language understanding and comprehension! In the classroom, it is safe and easy to learn from teachers who speak slowly and clearly. In the community, people talk quickly and use slang.
  • Building relationships with natives is difficult during COVID-19 because of the restrictions; please pray for the relationships I have already to grow deeper.
  • Starting in August, I get to teach first-grade Khmer students at Asian Hope International School. Please pray for a smooth transition in working with new staff and new students!
  • Consider supporting me financially through giving monthly.