Our small investment individually makes a huge impact collectively.

Because we want to impact lives as we help people meet, follow, and share Jesus, everyone at Grace Fellowship has the opportunity once a month to partner with either families, special projects, local organizations or global organizations by giving $1 each! If every person that attends participates, we can make a huge impact collectively.

Past Nominees


DOLLAR CLUB: September 2019

Jacob's House Recovery Center

Pickerington Campus couple, Tom and Shawn Smith, started Jacob's House after losing their son Jacob to addiction. The organization exists to help men and women find and keep sustained sobriety to live a life filled with love, compassion and true happiness. They want everyone to know they are loved by God and that He wants you to know and love Him in return. 


Total raised: $7,449.40

Thank you note from Jacob's House: Click Here


DOLLAR CLUB: October 2019


Habitat for Humanity
Thrivent Faith Builds partners with Habitat for Humanity and local churches to bring resources and volunteers together to build strength, stability and self-reliance in partnership with families in need of decent and affordable housing that is an essential part of building strong and stable communities. Grace Fellowship had the opportunity to work on the two houses that we supported through Dollar Club during Impact Week. 
Total raised: $7,509.17


DOLLAR CLUB: November 2019

Adoptive/Foster Families
Adopting and fostering is a such a beautiful picture of how Christ welcomes us into His family. We celebrated Adoption Awareness month by supporting various families in our church who are fostering and adopting with significant needs. Some of those needs included paying down a 12 passenger van, repairing plumbing, covering family counseling, donating towards a new adoption and more!
Total raised: $7,254.33

Dollar Club: December 2019

Families in Need
During the holiday season, there is a significant increase in requests for assistance from families from both inside and outside of the church. Grace Fellowship always wants to come alongside families in need during difficult seasons by pointing them to community resources but also supply essential items and funds when we are able to. This month, needs were met ranging from families that are struggling to put food on the table, electric and heat on the brink of being shut off, significant medical crisis that could lead to bankruptcy, job loss that could lead to eviction and more!
Total raised: $5,170.60

Dollar Club: February 2020

Playground Equipment at Makarios Center for Children with Autism
Jerry and Ruby Smith, a couple that attends The Chapel, felt God calling them to start a nonprofit school for children with autism. The Makarios Autism Center provides a Christian school for children with autism and a support system for their family by meeting every child’s educational, physical, medical and spiritual needs.

Total raised: $7158.82

Thank you note from Makarios: Click Here


Dollar Club: MARCH 2020

Due to the initial onset of COVID-19, food pantries in the Columbus area were overwhelmed with clients. In order to assist with the need across our city, we collected funds to benefit the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.








Dollar Club: APRIL

As COVID-19 began to spread and more companies were closing, job loss became a real issue. Originally, we had identified 30 families who lost their jobs due to COVID-19, but because of your generosity, we were able to bless nearly 100 families with significant gift cards for groceries to help offset their expenses during the difficult time.







Dollar Club: MAY

The Lighthouse serves women and families in abusive situations by interfacing with local law enforcement, connecting those in need of social services, and providing shelter and essential resources. 

Their shelter provides 24 hours a day safety for domestic violence victims and also works with the victims who have a safe place to stay to ensure their abuser is held accountable through their Victim Advocacy assistance.





Dollar Club: JUNE

Hand in Hand orphan schools in the Central African Republic provides school supplies, meals, education in both their native language and French as well as Bible classes to not only propel these children educationally but also spiritually.







Dollar Club: July

Lower Lights is working in Columbus, Ohio to break the cycles of poverty and addiction for youth, adults and ex-offenders.







Nomination Opportunities

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