Pastor Sean was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and had a church story until he committed his life to Christ when he was 9 years old at a Christian summer camp.  He thought he was going to follow in his fathers foot steps by being an entrepreneur in the family business but that all changed when he went to Bible college. At a New Year’s service on Dec. 31, 1989, he committed his life to full-time Christian ministry.

Sean met, dated and got engaged to his wife Melissa in Chicago, Ill. while attending the Moody Bible Institute and they have been married and in ministry together since 1995. They have four children, Zach, Abby, Sara and Rachel.

Sean was a youth pastor for three years in Canada, then moved to Columbus in 1998 and was a family pastor for 10 years; planted and led a church for 10 years and then came onto Grace Fellowship’s staff as the Pickerington Campus pastor in Oct. of 2018.
He was proud to become an American citizen in October of 2011 and is a dual citizen.

Sean loves spending time with people and enjoys hearing their stories and encouraging them to take their next steps in spiritual growth.
Some of his favorite things are playing board/card games with his family and friends, snuggling with Melissa on the couch watching a show, chasing geese off the Pickerington Campus with his black Jeep Wrangler, drinking Tim Hortons coffee, volleyball and playing pranks on his fellow staff members.

Sean has a deep love for God’s Word and enjoys talking theology; especially about creation, dinosaurs, the flood and end times prophecy.