We understand that, despite this message series, you might still have questions. Below is a list of resources that we believe will be helpful as you begin processing through some of these topics.


During week two of "Why I Don't Go to Church," we explored the idea of "exclusivity" and learned that, whether you're a Christian or not, you have ultimately made an exclusive statement. In missionary and theologian Lesslie Newbigin's quick response to a classic illustration, he speaks to that particular idea of exclusivity.


Can you trust the Old and New Testaments (the two parts of the bible)? The two videos below provide some really helpful content around that question and point towards the reliability of the bible.

This is a short, five-minute clip that provides more of a look into the question of God and evil. It stems from RZIM, a helpful place to look if you want to dive deeper into some conversations around Christianity's greatest objections.


The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism dives into some of the big questions/objections that people have about the Christian faith. In fact, chapter 6 speaks directly to claims of science disproving Christianity, chapter 2 to the relationship between God and suffering, and chapter 7 to another common reason why people don't believe the bible.

A Case for Christ, written by a man seeking to disprove Christianity, speaks to the compelling case that can be made to support who the person of Christ was and what He did. This book will also help you to understand the reliability of what Christians believe.