Why not explore?

Are you a skeptic, seeker, new or old Christian?

Are you a skeptic, seeker, new or old Christian? Join us for Explore, a five-week study where we’ll dig into key components of Christianity, and process through the fundamentals and foundations. Bring your doubts, your lack of “Bible” knowledge, or your insecurities about sharing your faith.

Who it’s for

Explore is for two groups of people:

  1. The skeptic, the seeker, and the new believer. Do you have questions? Great - bring them! Are you skeptical? Awesome, let’s process that! Are you trying to understand what your new faith means? Let us help.
  2. The Christian who is a Christ-follower, but they don’t know or have the foundational pieces that would help them to better share their faith.

Sign up for a Group

The in-person Explore Group at the Jefferson Campus is still open. To sign up, click the button below:

The Jefferson Campus


3600 N Waggoner Rd, Blacklick, OH
*Childcare is available for a one-time fee


Do you have questions about Group Life at Grace Fellowship? Contact us at groups@gracefellowship.cc.