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A multi-year financial investment in our future

From Pastor Keith
From Pastor Keith

Not Coming Down is important. It is multigenerational. It speaks to both evangelism and discipleship. It shows that we love our city and are here for its betterment. And this vision helps Grace as a movement get and stay healthy.

The Vision
The Vision

Not Coming Down is a multi-year building project that will expand the Pickerington Campus in order to more effectively make disciples and serve our local community.

Pickerington Building Addition
Pickerington Building Addition

Not Coming Down increases Grace’s ability to be:

  1. Build the church
  2. Serve our community
  3. Reach the next generation

Tour the Space

*Please note that some images below are meant only to provide a visual example of Grace's plan. These are not necessarily replicates or depictions of definitive designs. As we continue developing the space, images will be updated.

The Property
The Property

As you can see in the mockup, the new building will connect to our already existing campus building, providing a seamless area for attendees to enter and maneuver through.

The new building will provide our church a unique opportunity to be for our community, for the next generation, and for ministry sustainability.

Indoor Playland
Indoor Playland

This large, industrial playland will provide an ideal place for parents of young children (multiple age ranges) to spend time together.

Our hope is that not only will the community use this space, but families at Grace will use this play land as an opportunity to invite those they’re trying to reach.

*Images are a representation of the design.

Multi-Court Gym
Multi-Court Gym

The gym can simultaneously run two volleyball/basketball courts side by side or be used as one “big” court.  It will also be outfitted with scoreboards and all necessary equipment to serve our community.  

Grace works with multiple large churches that have seen outreach-connected sports be a major success in both serving the community and non-believers beginning to connect to their church. It’s our hope that this gym will do just that!

Boulder/Rock Climbing Wall
Boulder/Rock Climbing Wall

Currently, there are no rock climbing walls on the Southeast side of Columbus. Enter Grace Fellowship! The plan is to create a bouldering wall so that it’s as accessible as possible for as many as possible.

*Images are a representation of the design.


Open Monday through Sunday, this Cafe will allow Grace to serve our community and be a resource to those coming to utilize the playland, climbing wall, or gym.

Then, during service times, the Cafe will serve our Grace attenders!

Next Generation Ministry Center
Next Generation Ministry Center

The Next Generation Ministry Center, built with Grace’s 678, HSM, and The Commons in mind, can seat up to 300 people! It will be an inviting and engaging space for worship services, fun events, weddings, and more.

While these ministries will have the opportunity to use them during the week and weekend, large garage doors to the auditorium will provide more flexibility for outside events/services.


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After the project is completed, how much debt will Grace have?

With the additional debt from the Pickerington Building project, Grace’s debt service payment is still significantly under 20% of the overall budget.

Our Elders understand their responsibility to protect the church from overreaching financially and have put strict standards in place to monitor this.

I thought we wanted to create more campuses, not add onto one property?

Grace continues to be fully committed to launching more campuses in and around the greater Columbus, OH, area.

This new building project at the Pickerington Campus actually sets us up to better do that! The Pickerington Campus serves as our major sending campus, so increasing the health and momentum of it will, God-willing, allow us to campus more effectively over time.

Will this affect our Pickerington Weekend Service?

We will continue holding normal weekend services for the duration of construction. While parking spaces were added in Fall 2022 to replace spots that would be lost during the addition process, traffic flow will feel different as construction occurs.

When will construction be completed?

As you know, especially post-COVID, construction timelines are far from precise. We are expecting construction to be completed sometime in 2025.

How much money are we trying to raise?

Our goal is to raise $4-4.5 million towards the $8.5 million necessary to fully fund the building.


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Pray with Us

Please pray

  • for the people and families this “community center” will impact.
  • for Grace to feel and respond to the ownership of this opportunity to serve and care for our community.
  • for our Elders and Leadership as they are prayerfully led by God’s will for our church.
  • that relationships formed in these four walls will ultimately lead to people meeting Jesus.

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