For students in grades 9-12






High School Ministry is committed to making sure every high school student feels cared for and known through our student groups and monthly Gatherings. In these settings, students will be connected to a community of friends and adult leaders who will help guide them in their walk with Jesus.







Students are encouraged to engage a regular weekend service either online or through one of Grace's social media platforms; Grace Fellowship does not have a separate service for High School students.




We encourage your high schooler to join a Student Group! It’s an awesome way to find belonging in community and connect with other students and leaders. Throughout the school year, these groups meet in host homes surrounding our campuses on Sunday evenings.





THE GATHERING - this summer

Once a month, HSM will hosts The Gathering, where our entire ministry comes together for a night fun, games, food, and a specially designed message to help students to continue to lead a Jesus-centered life. At The Gatherings, new students will have the opportunity to connect with a Student Group.


This summer, there will be monthly virtual (via Zoom) Gatherings for all High School students! Join us

  • July 12 for A Day at the Beach! Log on to Zoom at 7pm in your Hawaiian shirts and goggles! 
  • August 9 for Sports Night! Wear your best jersey and participate in all the virtual sport games! 

*Zoom links & details will be available closer to The Gathering. Be sure to check out Instagram @hsm_grace for specifics.



Unfortunately Momentum 2020 was canceled due to the Coronavirus; refer to for details. BUT we're excited to return July 20-25, 2021 for Momentum!

High School Transition Events

HS 101 

This event is specifically created for parents with incoming freshman to help with the transition into our HSM! During our time together, we will discuss the basics of the High School Ministry, what you can expect and most of all how we believe we can support you and your family in this phase. Our greatest hope in this time is that we find ourselves better connected and in the end partnering around the focus of moving your student forward in their pursuit of following Jesus!

Senior Black & White Dinner

HSM celebrates our Senior class with a formal Black & White dinner for all graduating seniors and their parents. At this event, our graduates and parents hear a message, have a moment of reflection on their high school years and are introduced to the Commons, a young adult ministry here at Grace Fellowship. Although their time is ending here with HSM, we want our students and parents to know that we still care for them and their spiritual journey as they transition to the next stage of life.